Personal protective equipment: NANO-NOSE

Активные компоненты препарата TELOMEROZOOMab способствуют удалению из организма "состарившихся" клеток (сенолитик), замедлению старения (геропротектор), повышению качества жизни. Профилактика возрастзависимых заболевания. Способствуют восстановлению после комбинированной терапии в онкологии. Не является противоопухолевым моноклональным антителом. Не является лекарственным средством.

A new generation respirator based on nano-filter. Surpasses all known masks, does not interfere with everyday life. An ideal tool for children, police officers, social workers.

We have developed a personal protective equipment that is superior in all respects to conventional masks / respirators, compact, futuristic in design, attractive to children and people from Southeast Asia.

At the core of the development is an innovative nano-fiber – a very unusual filter element, does not contain sorbents and is not an ordinary filter.

In the countries of Southeast Asia (especially in: Japan, China, Thailand), air pollution within the city (smog) is a serious environmental problem. We offer a partial solution to this problem for schoolchildren, students, police officers, social workers. The device does not interfere with the work, negotiations on the radio, compact, beautiful, convenient, available in the middle price range for people below the middle class (in mass production) at a low cost.

We invite investors with experience in the Southeast Asia Region (strictly).