Активные компоненты препарата TELOMEROZOOMab способствуют удалению из организма "состарившихся" клеток (сенолитик), замедлению старения (геропротектор), повышению качества жизни. Профилактика возрастзависимых заболевания. Способствуют восстановлению после комбинированной терапии в онкологии. Не является противоопухолевым моноклональным антителом. Не является лекарственным средством.

Many people know that melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the body (the epiphysis, skin cells, internal organs). But it also comes with food. Most of it is contained in beer and licorice.

Melatonin regulates circadian rhythms and the cell cycle in the cells of the whole organism. Its level depends on:

  • normal sleep (the basis of longevity), with age, after 30 years the level of the hormone in the body decreases sharply and as a result insomnia occurs;
  • skin turgor and lack of wrinkles;
  • global protection of the body against neoplasms – in model animals, when more part of the epiphysis was removed, spontaneous tumors appeared in 100% of cases!
  • In addition to endogenous melatonin, there is a natural plant phytomelatonin, which does not differ in structure and action and is contained in plants, in particular in licorice (Ural, smooth, Chinese).

With the help of the new technology (Patent RF), we connected the carrier base with the active substance in a dose sufficient to restore the normal level of melatonin in the skin, which prevents the aging process and turns it back thanks to the metered replacement hormone replacement therapy, which, unlike conventional HRT, is completely safe, not addictive, the effect of accumulation.

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