Активные компоненты препарата TELOMEROZOOMab способствуют удалению из организма "состарившихся" клеток (сенолитик), замедлению старения (геропротектор), повышению качества жизни. Профилактика возрастзависимых заболевания. Способствуют восстановлению после комбинированной терапии в онкологии. Не является противоопухолевым моноклональным антителом. Не является лекарственным средством.


A new form of the product – powder packaged in mini-sachets is added to any yogurt / sour-milk product, and also comes in the form of capsules.

Innovative products of healthy nutrition for longevity «Longoviters» are based on various therapeutic and prophylactic natural supplements to yogurt, and also contain an organic prebiotic to restore and maintain normal intestinal microflora. So, according to the latest publications (2019), the state of the microbiota directly affects the rigidity of the vessels, and therefore the lifespan and the state of the cardiovascular system. DOI: 10.1113 / JP277336


  • Increases the level of activity of the Nrf2 gene responsible for the fight against oxidants in the cells of the heart muscle and in other muscles:
  • helps immunity induce apoptosis (self-destruction) of atypical cancer cells, destroys Helicobacter pylori (the causative agent of stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, one of the main causes of colorectal cancer), and also prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
    molpharm.aspetjournals.org/content/70/5/1664?fbclid = IwAR08mDjSwDOCCx5zzqhlJDUVHjl6QMf3y8TbKlxgmEtQQQU6RqFZ2yiXhKQ
  • Contributes to the growth of the average life expectancy of laboratory animals by 19% suppressing the level of inflammation associated with the aging process;
    ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19594223 and www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17569207
  • Geroprotector – warning Alzheimer’s disease;
  • As a proteasome inhibitor improves pancreatic beta cell function and insulin sensitivity in diabetic mice:
  • Inflammation inhibitor – and inflammation is one of the main components of the aging process;
  • In combination with other components has a synergistic positive effect in prostate cancer:
  • Reduces insulin resistance:


Fisetin, which is a component of many fruits and vegetables (strawberries, apples, persimmon, onions), as well as other polyphenols (for example, resveratrol), modulates the activity of sirtuin Sirt1 [1], the activation of which prolongs life [2] not only simple organisms (yeast, worms, fruit flies), but also to mice [3], increases the level of glutathione [4], can be used to treat age-related neurodegenerative diseases [5, 6, 7] and the effects of an ischemic attack [8, 9]. In addition, it improves memory [10–12] in healthy animals and reduces methylglyoxal-dependent protein glycation [13]. Acceptance of fizetin in the late period of life increases the lifespan of wild mice.

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